New work added to the site

Over the Christmas holiday, we added some new images of pieces that I’ve been working on. The wall flowers have been updated to show some of the more colorful pieces that were made this past year. You can choose from copper or blown glass stems, in several colors.
You can also see some of the shore birds that have been so popular this year. I can barely keep them in stock you’ve loved them so much! I can make them in just about any color, but I’m partial to a few combinations. If you have a favorite palette, maybe I can make you a special family!
The snakeskin vessels are a somewhat new addition to the family. Subtler than some of the rainbow vases, they work well in a southwestern home. Check them out in the vessels and vases section, under new work.

As always, the show schedule gets updated as jury picks are announced every year. We’ll be in Florida for most of the winter, so come see the new work at a show near you. The current schedule is here…

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